I saw your book about writing a book at the ADA convention in Boston. I did end up ordering it (along with some others), and I have to say that your book is BY FAR the best one I have seen on the subject.  It has become my little publishing bible as I am in the final stages of getting my book finished and published.I just wanted to email to say THANK YOU for condensing all of the muck and making it so readable and 'do-able'.  After reading some of the other information out there, I was completely overwhelmed, but when I picked up your book, everything shifted and I started to see how I could actually do this. In fact I loved the book so much, I ordered another and sent it to my brother who is also in the process of writing a book. He called me the day after he received it, telling me I was in big trouble because when he had sat down to start the book the night before, it was so good and so engaging that he stayed up and read the whole thing in one sitting (and had to be up early the next morning, hence the 'being in trouble' part...). Again, thank you so much for all of your work, both in the nutrition world, and also in the publishing world.  You are awesome!

Jen Brewer, MS, RDN
Wife and Mom of Seven
International Humanitarian
Author, Speaker, Educator

Julie Beyer is such a godsend. This book is so helpful!

Casey Collin, RD

"I'm so thankful that I read You CAN Write a Book! as what I learned will save me HOURS and likely $1000's of dollars. The no-nonsense format was perfect as I gained the knowledge needed in only a matter of two hours! I now have resources that I wasn't aware of that will help me publish and market my first book. Thanks, Julie! I'll be sure to let you know when my Ultralight Meal Planning book is on the market."